97% of scientists accept some form of evolution (there must be something wrong with them)


Quoting from the post:

I understand the drive to “choose the Bible over science” to protect one’s faith, especially if that is the only way one knows how to pose the problem.

But that leaves another question, a very serious one, unaddressed: “What exactly do you think is the deal with all these biologists, bio-chemists, physicists, anthropologists, etc., across the world who make up this consense?”

I see three options for answering that question (either in isolation or in combination):

1. They are all conspiring against us.

2. The are all grossly incompetent.

3. They are blinded by sin from seeing the truth.

Those who reject evolution need to say more than “I’d rather follow the BIble.” They also need to give some account for why they think the consensus exists.

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